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Bergamot Pure Essential Oil

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When you are having a stressful day, Bergamot essential oil helps to calm our thoughts and anxious mind while promoting clarity and focus when we need.

Some other benefits include:

  • Supports our immune system 
  • Helps to increase positive feelings and elevating mood 
  • May help to relieve pain caused by injury and nervous system damage.

Take note : Bergamot essential oil is considered photo-toxic, avoid sun exposure after applying to skin.

Additional Info

Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia

Main Constituents:
Limonene: 40.47% Linalyl acetate: 26.79% Linalool: 10.78%

Plant Part: Fruit Peel

Origin: Italy

Processing Method: Cold Pressed

Fragrance Notes: The aroma is basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality, and is reminiscent of Neroli, giving a middle note of medium strength.

Blends With: Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang-ylang, Lavender.

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