Our Story

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Daily Essential Co.

Here’s a little story on how Daily Essential Co started.

A few years back, I was in a phase where life was extremely stressful. Being anxious and not eating and sleeping well were part of my daily life.

One day, while reading up on ways to improve my sleep, I chanced upon a blog talking and educating about essential oils.

So there begun my journey with essential oils. I started to purchase many different oils from different brands and used them on a daily basis. I made it a point to bring them with me wherever I go to help me to calm down, to focus, at times to simply take a deep breathe.

During my free time, I find myself reading and researching on essential oils, finding out how and why they work and their different purposes.

When I was placed at a crossroad of my life, I decided to take a step of faith to venture into starting my own essential oil business. After many nights and months of research, reading and testing of the essential oils, I was happy and in love with what I was doing. I then found the oils that I was satisfied with, and hence birth forth Daily Essential Co.

To ensure the quality and safety of the oils, every oil will go through the GC/MS testing, safety test, GMO test, etc. We only carry 100% pure, non toxic, no fillers, and non chemical essential oils.

I’m also happy to share that our organic range is also QAI and USDA certified on top of the other tests that it has gone through.

I hope that our essential oils can help you in your journey through ups and downs, to uplift, to calm, to relax, to strengthen, to heal and to bring you as much joy and peace as it has brought me.

Be blessed.